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I have tested the site under resolutions of 800x600 and 1024x768 without any discernable differences. Since this site is designed elastically, you will get to see the site exactly as I have designed it, viewable on all resolutions and magnifications.

Browser compatibility

I have tested this site on Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8; Firefox 3.6.6; Opera 7.54, 10.6; Safari 5; and Google Chrome 5 the most popular browsers around. Since I have used cutting-edge elastic designs without browser specific code, it is viewable on all browsers including hand-held browsers. For best results, please use a standards-compatible browser. (ie non Internet Explorer)

To view this site in its full glory you must use a CSS-capable browser. If you do not have a CSS capable browser and use an old browser such as Netscape 4, then the content is still readable, but the layout is completely messed. I have no solution for this except to upgrade your browser.

Site details

  • All links are orange in colour, for example, Glossary
  • External Links open in a new window.
  • Using the TAB key usually cycles through links in a browser.


If you have Internet Explorer you can navigate using the following keystrokes:

  • ALT + U: Move to the top of the page
  • ALT + N: Next Page
  • ALT + B: Previous Page
  • ALT + J: Home Page
  • ALT + F: Search this site
  • ALT + M: Site Map

Then press Enter.

If you are using Opera 10 browser, you can use the navigation menu to move through the site. Some shortcuts defined in Opera are:

  • CTRL + SHIFT + SPACE: Home
  • CTRL + SHIFT + F: Search
  • CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT: Next
  • CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT: Previous
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