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Current Version = 8

Version 8 (June-July 2010)

Fixed the problem with AdSense and served up pages with application/xhtml+xml. Fixed issues with images, added support to Chrome and Safari. Removed code that would be incompatible with the upcoming HTML5. Included RDFa and Microcode information. Added YouTube videos. Updated records and developments in ODI and T20 matches.

Version 7 (December 2007)

Bought the domain Added Google AdSense to it. Site plagued with compatibility issues with AdSense. Also images were not displaying properly.

Version 6 (Oct 2004)

Rewrote the entire first few pages, compacted the site so that there are less pages, corrected some matter. Improved design. Added a few more images. Changed the host to one that was ad-free.

Version 5 (June 2004)

Revamped the layout. Abandoned tables used for layout in favour of CSS based positioning. All pages conform to XHTML-1.1 ( AAA) standards. Navigation added.

Version 4 (March-May 2003)

Thanks to "Jim" from USA, who made some critical suggestions, the entire starting pages were revamped. Made extensive use of CSS and converted to XHTML. Pages increased to 27 as it currently stands.

Version 3 (November 5, 2002)

The entire site was redone into 3 columns. A few pictures were added. Corrections done.

Version 2 (Feb 2002)

Thanks to "Matt" from Omaha, USA who thanked me for the site showing me its potential. The site was redesigned and more pages were added.

Version 1 (November 11, 2001)

Text based site created in August 2000. A Word document consisting of 8-10 pages. Converted to HTML and uploaded. Elementary site, just put up as a hobby.

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