About me

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Hi my name is Nicholas and I am a 41-year old engineer from Bombay (now Mumbai) Maharashtra in India. Bombay is located at 19.0 72.8

Contrary to what you might expect, I am not a professional cricket player. I didn't know much about cricket till I was 13! I picked up the rules and regulations at that time during the 1996 Cricket world cup.

I made this site as a hobby. I wanted to explain the rules and regulations of cricket in a simplified manner to all. This was in 2000. I made an 8 page Word document on cricket. I casually converted this into HTML and put it up online. I didn't think much of it till I received an email thanking me for putting up such an informative site. I got emails from all corners of the globe, in parts where cricket would never been heard of. I've listed all countries below. If your country is missing please let me know.

I then researched if there were sites explaining cricket. Finding a dearth of such sites, I improved on this site. In late 2002, I made a complete overhaul of the site. Around the world cup (March 2003), the next major update was introduced bringing in more images. Subsequent updates were mainly changes in the code structure, redesigning it to load faster.

Some of the other sports I like to watch are football (soccer) and tennis.

If you like this site, please do consider making a donation. A donation will help covering the hosting charges. Thank you.

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